About us

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is the official representative of students in Flanders and Brussels!

VVS has been representing the interests of every student studying at a college or university of the Flemish Community since 1938.

Making policy – VVS fights with the government and higher education institutions for a quality but also accessible higher education for every (future) student without distinction. To this end, we send representatives to external advisory bodies, working groups and committees. Because VVS writes positions that are supported by the various student councils from the entire Flemish community, the student umbrella organisation is a much sought-after, and decree-based, discussion partner.

Dome of student councils – As an umbrella organisation, VVS supports the functioning of local student councils in Flanders and Brussels where we can. We bring them together to take joint positions towards the government and higher education institutions. VVS connects and tries to bridge mutual differences. VVS also functions as a platform where the local student councils can share their locally acquired know-how.

Volunteer work – VVS exists by and for its many volunteer students. Therefore, we think it is important to give something back to them. In its volunteer work, VVS provides practical and substantive support and training for its volunteers. Experience at your local student council or not, doesn’t matter! At VVS, we help train you.

The team behind VVS

The board

The VVS board consists of elected students. They dedicate a whole year to representing the organisation and governing its content. In doing so, they carry out the policies of the general assembly and defend student interests. Anyone can contact the board members at bestuur@vvs.ac or at their personal address.

Robbe Van Leemput

Director Participation


Nele Van Hoyweghen

Director of Social Affairs & Diversity


Zara Van Cauwenbergh

Director Communications


Alexander Van de Sande

Director International


Joris Nitelet

Director Staff


Jef Vandorpe

President Ad interim & Director of Social Affairs & Diversity



The staff members are the permanent staff of VVS. They are responsible for organisational and day-to-day operations and ensure continuity. In addition, they support and guide the board through their policy-preparing work.

You can contact the staff members via staf@vvs.ac or at their personal address.

Silvia Lacatus

Job student accounting


Louis Dewez

Job student Student recruitment


Eva Druyts

Coordinator, financial officer & training coordinator


Janne Wittoeck

Volunteer Coach & Communications Manager


Mathilde Sonnet

policy officer


Tine Pillaert

Job student communications & student recruitment


Lupé Van Rijmenant

Job student Administrations