Being a volunteer at VVS

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) works by and for volunteer students. As a voluntary organisation, we count on the support of Flemish student representatives, but we also like to welcome new, independent students!

Although it often seems that way, it is not exclusively the higher education institution where you study that is in charge. The exam schedules may be organised within your programme, but the credit system you study for every day was decided at the Ministry of Education. To protect your rights there, VVS provides the student voice at the negotiating table.

We do this by combining the views of each student council and defending them as one common position to the Education Cabinet, as well as to the Flemish Colleges Council (VLHORA), the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) and the Flemish Education Council (VLOR). These organisations also sit at the table and take into account the student voice, including yours!

VVS also organises regular actions and events for its volunteers as part of the VVS volunteer work. So you also get cool and educational experiences in return for your commitment. An introduction day, a training weekend, you name it. Welcome to our diverse and social VVS volunteer pool!

Our volunteer coach is available all working days during office hours. Are you new to VVS, do you have questions from your student council about how VVS works or do you just have interesting news for us or for the other VVS volunteers? Don’t hesitate to contact us.