Not quite keeping up with the latest student dossiers?

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is the umbrella organisation of the Flemish student councils. In the overview below, we briefly explain our current education and student dossiers. This allows you to participate in our meetings and/or external meetings from your student council in an informed way.

Our administrators, staff members and reporters are working day in and day out to assist student representatives in terms of content as well. With this overview of dossiers, we want you to quickly catch up with a global view of longer-running dossiers, but also with any burning news in certain dossiers. On this page you will also find the contact button. It will lead you directly to the student with final responsibility for the dossier. Feel free to ask that person for more documentation if you would like to go in-depth or take part in a working group and help shape a dossier.

Mental well being of students

Student life is a key period. A student gains autonomy and freedom but also has to deal with stress about decisions that can affect the rest of his or her life. More and more reports are reaching us that students effectively often do not feel good about themselves. There are multiple causes behind this, such as excessive study and performance pressure, loneliness, insecurity, fear of failure, stress, and so on.


The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is fully committed to student housing this academic year. Affordable and quality housing for students is one of the main policy priorities for now and for the future.

The student housing market is oversupplied. The demand for student rooms and residences can no longer keep up. All Flemish student cities reported this in 2021. Prices are soaring and students looking for a kot in their preferred student city come back from a bare journey more than once. According to Kotkompas 2020, there is a need for around 95,000 extra kots in our country by 2030. For VVS, it is high time for far-reaching measures to tackle the problem.