Policy at VVS

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is a policy-making organization. But in order to contribute to policy, we also make our own policies.

Every year, VVS writes a policy plan outlining the main policy priorities for the coming academic year. The year is then traditionally concluded by the annual report, which goes over all our achievements according to the set priorities. Were we able to achieve what we wanted?

The most important dossiers will also be highlighted here. That way, as an interested party, you are immediately up to speed and we are happy to refer you to all the documentation on a particular dossier.

Policies  2022-2023

VVS works on several strategic goals every academic year in the interest of every student studying in the Flemish Community.

The substantive priorities for 2022-2023, therefore, given the crisis we have been in since 2022, are unsurprisingly Study Costs. But in addition, we also focus on Diversity and Inclusion, workplace learning (or dual learning), orientation & deliberation, inclusive student participation for international students, special statutes and refugee policy.

The internal priorities for this operating year are our communication, participation in VVS and, finally, further professionalising of our personnel policy.

Interested in VVS? Then be sure to take a look at our policy plan and let us know if you want to do something for VVS to help work towards these goals.

Annual Report 2021 – 2022

Invariably, VVS’s policy plan was drafted and ticked off with democratic, high-quality and accessible higher education as its core value. Special attention was paid to the student for whom studying is no easy matter. He who comes from a difficult socio-economic situation, she who may be a pioneering student. The student with a disability. The student who has to fight for a future.

During academic year 2021-2022, many challenges fell to higher education. Consideration was given to study progress measures and digital education. At the same time, reports reached us about increased tuition fees as well as poverty among students. In these topics, among others, VVS made its voice heard and managed to have an impact. Sometimes more, sometimes less. However, the student was always central.

This brings us quickly to the essence of our organisation: making students’ voices heard. Even (and perhaps even especially) when policymakers, universities and colleges are less inclined to our views. Although always in constructive and fruitful consultation.

Memorandum 2020 – 2024

In this memorandum, the Flemish Association of Students (VVS) focuses on three major recruits: education of the future, education for all and education without borders. We hope this memorandum as well as our previously written positions will inspire the coalition agreement and policy. Just as we count on the government’s commitment to listen and talk to students, their representatives and their councils.

Code of conduct for volunteers and  (anonymous) reporting

In the PDF reader, you will find the entire Code of Conduct for Volunteers in PDF form. You can browse in it or simply download the PDF, using the button below.

In the Code of Conduct, you will also find all information on reporting. How can you report? Who has access to your report? What happens procedurally to your report? And so on.

This code of conduct applies to all VVS volunteers, as defined in the organisation’s volunteer policy, at all VVS events, both those taking place physically and online.

All information on the Code of Conduct, reports and (flowcharts with) procedures can be found on the Code of Conduct page.