Interested in our daily operation?

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is the umbrella organisation of the Flemish student councils. On this page you will find all reports of VVS meetings.

As a consultation platform, we discuss the strategic lines of the organisation in the general assembly and the substantive ones in the bureau. There is also the internal operation of our working groups that work on positions and our external representation by the mandataries. You can find all the information about these bodies here.

You can also find the Statutes and Internal Regulations of the Association at the bottom of this page.

General Assembly and Bureau reports are public, other documentation is only accessible to our members for privacy reasons. Want to become a member? Click here for all information.

Find the reports and/or summaries of reports of the General Assembly in the 2023-2024 operating year here.

The General Assembly

The Bureau

Find here reports and/or summaries of reports of the office in the 2023-2024 operating year.

Find the most important feedbacks from our mandataries at external meetings here.

(The link sends you to a spreadsheet called the “Mandates List”. For the feedbacks, click on the link in column P – “Feedbacks” of the “External Mandates” tab).

TIP! Be sure to use the ctrl + F function to quickly search for the right meeting whose feedback you want to read. Search by the date or by the name of the external meeting.


Statues and Internal Regulations of the Association


Download here the statues of the Flemish Association of van Students

Internal Regulations

Download here the internal regulations of the Flemish Association of Students