Working Groups

The Flemish Union of Students (VVS) is a policy organisation. Therefore, it issues annual opinions on current education and student issues.

To prepare positions, VVS uses working groups. These are organised by reporters (rapporteurs) and are open to members and non-members, as long as the person in question is a student. Afterwards, the results of the working group are handed over to the bureau to adopt the final position by consensus.

Below are our ongoing working groups. Interested in attending the working group? Contact the volunteer coach for the most updated overview of our active working groups.

To participate, you don’t need to know anyone at VVS. Just register via the registration form for individual sessions of our working groups. Of course, it is always fine if you want to join (a) particular topic-related working group(s) on a permanent basis.

Working groups take place about two to five times over the two semesters of the academic year and can last from half an hour to two hours, depending on the agenda drawn up by the reporter (rapporteur).



In general, if you have any questions about how working groups work at VVS, do not hesitate to contact us. Our volunteer coach will help you quickly and gladly.