Wanted: Student Accommodation in Flanders

Student Accomodation for International Students

The amount of international students in Flanders and Brussels is rising. Finding student accommodation, a room to rent, is your number one priority, but it’s not always easy. In this article, you will find the organisation that can help you with your quest.

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Last update: 08/11/2022

Can my school help me?

Every institution for higher education in Flanders and Brussels offers a service for student facilities. In Dutch, these are called ‘stuvo’s’ (short for ‘studentenvoorzieningen’). They will be able to help you with a wide range of questions you might have about your life as an international student. When looking for student accommodation, you can contact them.

Can my city help me?

Luckily, most student cities have an organisation that can help you with your quest! The accommodation they offer is often provided with a quality label, which is useful when you’re not able to visit the room before needing it. A lot of these organisations also offer temporary emergency accommodation for international students who have arrived in their city, but have nowhere to go.

Find the organisation connected to your student city:

Oh and by the way … for starters: In Dutch, the word we use for student accommodation is a ‘kot’. So, good luck finding your kot!